About McCormick Architects

me-steveMcCormick Architects LLC specializes in custom residential design.  However, we have completed a number of small commercial projects in recent years.

Steve McCormick’s career path began in Southern California, where he grew up working on construction projects.  Later, during his architectural education, he continued to work as a carpenter.  In 1997, he received a Masters in Architecture from UNM.

Steve’s combination of theoretical and hands-on design education has given him the perspective to design buildings that are progressive, while maintaining good construction practice. He went on to explore innovative materials and construction techniques when he designed and built two houses for himself in New Mexico.  He completed most of his architect internship in San Francisco, California.  Then, at design-build firms in both San Francisco and Santa Fe, he performed the role of designer and builder on a number of custom homes.

With each project, he uses his knowledge of construction and detailing to produce a beautiful, uncomplicated design. The final product is always a thoughtful response to client and site.

In addition, Steve leads a contemporary bluegrass band in Santa Fe called Alto Street.

McCormick Architects was started in Santa Fe, NM in January of ’07, where Steve lives and teaches part time at the Community College.